German Quality Range

Welcome to the German Quality Range website! We have created a range of products which we have found to be the best quality on the market. Although not all the parts are made in Germany these products are to the same quality as the original part fitted to your car.

Original tooling is moved to other countries to cut down on manufacturing costs, other companies remake their own tooling but we only buy from the companies that do it right from the start with OEM quality products.

As you may be aware VW now produces the parts in Brazil, so just because it says Genuine VW it does not mean it's the best quality part for your vehicle.

With the german quality range logo you can be assured a product is to the highest spec possible or it will not make it into the range.

This range is made up of all sorts of manufaturers such as VW, Hella, Febi, Vewib ,Wolfsburgwest, bosch, SWF, VDO and Lux.

Top Quality Brands

German Quality Featured Products

German quality KSPG piston ring set 1.9 waterboxer & Type 4 2000cc Airccoled
25446 029198175 More Details
German quality inner small pushrod tube seal to crankcase Bay & T25 1700cc-2000cc
20867 021109345A More Details
German quality complete shift rod kit 50-59
22667 211711101DKIT More Details
German quality oil change gasket set neoprene & cork 1200cc-1600cc
23111 113198031C More Details
German quality manifold gasket beetle twin hotspot pre heat pipe 71-75
21274 113251263D More Details
German quality brake caliper mounting bolts
24280 311615293 More Details
Genuine VW oil relief spring Fits 1700cc-2000cc Type4 aircooled engines 1600cc CT T25 engine and T25 Waterboxer
23950 021115421B More Details
German quality bulb holders single filament Beetle 11/52-07/55 ch. 1-397 023 - ch. 1-929 745
26752 111945161B More Details
German quality pick up hoop set 8/52-7/79
24830 4875-010 More Details
German quality gear linkage bush T25 front 83-92 rear 83-85
8028 251711207D More Details
German quality SWF red USA spec rear lens for Genuine style rear light rings 62-7/71
25826 211945241GEN More Details
German quality exhaust bracket for middle box T4 1/96-03
22151 701253144B More Details